Thursday, April 3, 2008

Coffee & News

Another Italian scene that is all so common! Seeing the regulars getting their morning paper and espresso before heading off to work. This is a piece of another image that I will make into 2 separate paintings. I loved the lines and subtle changes in whites in this image. The sunlight on the ground to the left was fun, too. That warm Italian light is sumptuous!
6x12, oil on canvas, $125, $10 s/h SOLD

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

"Fairly" Thirsty!

Oh, how I wish it were this warm here in MN! I shot this image 3 years ago from the Washington County Fair that we took the children to on a hot, summer day. Just thought it would make me feel like I'd experienced a more summer-y day than winter. I loved this little concession stand off the beaten path of most of the activity of the fair. It was right near the barn with all the farm animals - one of our favorite places to visit.
8 x 10, oil on canvas, $125 plus $10 s/h SOLD