Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Snow Tubin' Fun! (finished!)

I finished my client's commissioned painting of these snow tubers! He hasn't seen it yet, but I'm going to notify him tonight that it's ready to pick up. I did a study, smaller painting of the the sledder in the lower right that I was going to incorporate into this painting. I'm pleased with it. I love the happy expressions on the faces which I wanted to keep fairly loose as I wanted the whole painting to be. I've had strong compliments from those who've seen it in my studio - hopefully, from my client, too!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Check back here later. I've been under the weather and still am. Hope to get something up again sooooooooooon!!!

Update: Don't know what I had, but I felt very tired and weak starting out the day Tuesday, went on with my morning class, slept for 2 hours after, got up, felt weak, tired and groggy (worse), canceled my evening class, felt more and more feverish. One of my students who is an Episcopal priest showed up anyway for class having not received my phone message about canceling the class. She offered to lay hands on me and pray for my healing, so we did. She combined her prayers with Eastern medicine (checking my chakras and finding where my virus was.) Amazing! She said that the virus will have to take its course, but that God would heal me through the his healing light that we invited into my body. My fever spiked big time around 9:00 pm last night (had the chills for an hour and then got very warm), went to bed, and I woke up feeling about 85% and better and better all day today. I've never had a virus to go right thru me that fast! This is the first time I've been sick in the last few years. Thanks for that healing blessing, Joanie! Our Lord works wonders!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Viewing David

The David is probably my favorite of all figurative sculpture. It was almost a religious experience when I got to see him in 1994 when I spent the summer in Italy for art school. I had my painting class today paint him, too, as I'm trying to teach them more about modeling the figure and getting proportion and scale. They're doing a great job. Finished this one tonight. I'm pleased!

6x12", oil on canvas, $295, $12 s/h SOLD

Friday, February 15, 2008

Hanging the Show

I was attracted immediately to this image because of the red and geometric quality. I love gallery images, and the capture of the man hanging the large, heavy painting was something I wanted to portray - his body positioning. I enjoyed working on this so much partly because I'm back to my oils! My acrylic paints are drying way too fast in my studio these days making it frustrating to have to mix colors over and over. Slows my process...

10x20," oil on canvas, $395, $12 s/s SOLD

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Yes, Julia!

This painting is another in my "shopping" series. Julia found this awesome dress out on the mannequin and had to try it on at the Saint Tropez shop in Seaside, FL. It looked FABULOUS on her! I changed her shoes - she had on (clogs) - and put more elegant shoes on her in the painting. I entitled it "Yes, Julia!" because she had just stepped out of the dressing room looking great in the dress, and that's what we all said!

9x12" acrylic on masonite, $175, $10 s/h SOLD

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sidewalk Sale

I shot a picture of Carole in Seaside, FL at this great boutique called Saint Tropez. I was just inside the door, and I loved the bright light coming from behind her a t 45 degree angle producing such lovely shadow toward the door. This is a first in a 2 or 3 shopping-themed paintings I will do. I haven't painted my sister in a long time! Fun!

20x10" $195, $12 s/h SOLD

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A little more to go...

I'm doing this painting for my neighbor Chris. I shot this photo when we were at there house last spring as Lucy Brown (on left) was being honored. She's in her early 80s and has lived in our neighborhood all her life. She was moving out of her beautiful home to a condo/retirement home. We miss her fun, fiery spirit, but she loves not having to worry with home maintenance and snow shoveling! Anyway, I'm almost finished with the painting and don't want to do much more. I want Chris to be more prominent and not "finish" Lucy as much, so I plan to keep a sketchiness to her figure. I'll post the end piece when finished.