Thursday, December 25, 2008

Mia's Shoes

Merry Christmas!

I was commissioned to do this shoe painting for a friend of mine by her husband. I heard that her friends had wanted to purchase one of my other shoe paintings, but they had all sold, so I told them that I thought it would be more special to paint some of Michelle's own shoes to make it that much more personal to her. I knew she had some fabulous shoes! So, I received an email from her husband asking me to paint this for Christmas for her. I asked if he could shoot the pictures of the shoes and gave him very specific instructions on how to shoot them (at eye level, in a row, maybe turning one around, etc.), and he came back with great pictures for me to work from. I made this composition up by mixing her athletic shoes with her dressy heels. I can hardly wait to know her reaction! I hope she was pleased!