Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sledding Fun! (Encaustic)

I have done some sledding-themed peices in oil in the past couple of years but wanted to try one in encaustic (beeswax + pigment). I loved how this turned out with some relatively smooth areas and some "crunchy" areas just like real sledding snow. I toned the board in darker colors and in blue tones first then layered and torched several times with white tones. I did this one for the Art Open House event, too.

8x8 encaustic on clayboard, $495 SOLD

United We Stand ("Pear-sonification series...)

This is one of many pear paintings I've done and have created titles that personify the pears. The one before this one was called, "Help a Sista!" in which two pears were side by side standing, and the third one had fallen down. The inspiration from this painting came just a day after the election and the feeling that we all need to come together for the greater good. I painted this will a palette knife to acheive some really thick areas of paint and a richness to the color. My intent was to paint differing varieties of pears (colors) to coincide with the title. This was for my recent Art Open House event held this past weekend.

10x20, oil on canvas, $595 SOLD