Thursday, July 31, 2008

You've heard and seen all about it! It is here! Join us tonight for the Twins & Friends Art Show and meet both Carole & Claire and their Chicago friend Jean Basse who has brought her awesome handmade jewelry. We are looking forward to a very eventful evening full of specials and deals and seeing YOUR smiling face. See you at 7 at Carole Foret Fine Art Gallery in downtown Athens!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Another cow! I found this cow image and slanted it to paint it in a gesture like it was peeking or craning it's neck to see you. I liked using so many colors for this one and still being able to capture lights and darks. Squint your eyes and see the colors blend!

10x10, acrylic on canvas, $450 SOLD

These Little Piggies

I've been wanting to paint more pigs since "Rose and Petunia" last year.  I found a picture I liked and did this painting on Friday.  It all clicked!  I've really enjoyed kicking the color up in my last few pieces and with my flat brushes, I find it easier to stay loose.  I would love to know your feedback!

10x10, acrylic on canvas, $450 SOLD

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Stare Down

Just finished this one Saturday. My last one in oil for the show because I must ship my paintings by mid next week, so I will be using acrylics until then. They dry super fast painting out on my back porch! Wow!!!

I loved this cow! What else can I say about them. So much fun - love Holsteins, too. A huge cow lover bought this one and the "Peaceful Graze" yesterday! Thanks, Heidi!!

30 x 15, oil on canvas, $1400, SOLD

Yellow Earrings!

I have to laugh when I see this one!  I loved the fun distortion of his big snout checking you out.  So much character!  

10 x 20, acrylic on canvas, $650 SOLD


Well, I've stuck to a farm theme with all the cows and now roosters, I think!  The bodies look more like hens to me, but the heads look like a rooster.  Help me, here, if you know for certain what these are!  I loved being able to go to town with so much color in the feathers.  I've had this photo for at least 2 years, and I finally painted it.  I love how it turned out!  This will be at Carole Foret Studio next week for our show togther.  I will have more cows, too!

2' x 2', acrylic on canvas, $1500

Peaceful Graze

I loved this image of such a common site, cows grazing.  I loved the dramatic sky and colors.  It's more of a landscape compared to my other cow-themed paintings which I will post soon.  I can't do enough cows.  I've sold a couple before I was even finished.  There's just something about cows... 

Peaceful grazing, indeed!

8 x 8, oil on cradled panel, $275 SOLD