Thursday, February 14, 2008

Yes, Julia!

This painting is another in my "shopping" series. Julia found this awesome dress out on the mannequin and had to try it on at the Saint Tropez shop in Seaside, FL. It looked FABULOUS on her! I changed her shoes - she had on (clogs) - and put more elegant shoes on her in the painting. I entitled it "Yes, Julia!" because she had just stepped out of the dressing room looking great in the dress, and that's what we all said!

9x12" acrylic on masonite, $175, $10 s/h SOLD


Julia Adams said...

Thanks did a wonderful job with this subject. I think I know a buyer for it.

ckayser said...

Thanks, Julia! Fun subject in every way! ;)))

Melody said...

Fabulous work Claire. I just love the look on her face. It says.."I love this dress and I know I look good in it". Thanks for sharing.

Tina said...

Oh Claire,I love this! I just discovered it and immediately knew it was the Julia that I so enjoyed meeting. You Hunt girls are SO talented!

Thanks so much for the wonderful trip to the beach and for all you've done for us!


ckayser said...

Our pleasure! Thanks for coming and being a part, Tina!