Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Check back here later. I've been under the weather and still am. Hope to get something up again sooooooooooon!!!

Update: Don't know what I had, but I felt very tired and weak starting out the day Tuesday, went on with my morning class, slept for 2 hours after, got up, felt weak, tired and groggy (worse), canceled my evening class, felt more and more feverish. One of my students who is an Episcopal priest showed up anyway for class having not received my phone message about canceling the class. She offered to lay hands on me and pray for my healing, so we did. She combined her prayers with Eastern medicine (checking my chakras and finding where my virus was.) Amazing! She said that the virus will have to take its course, but that God would heal me through the his healing light that we invited into my body. My fever spiked big time around 9:00 pm last night (had the chills for an hour and then got very warm), went to bed, and I woke up feeling about 85% and better and better all day today. I've never had a virus to go right thru me that fast! This is the first time I've been sick in the last few years. Thanks for that healing blessing, Joanie! Our Lord works wonders!

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Carole Foret said...

When 2 or more are gathered in HIs name! Wow--that must have been a beautiful experience, Sis, for someone to think so much of you to do that. Praise God for people like Joanie...Glad you're feeling better!