Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lavender French

I got to paint more tonight, and I did this little chair painting on a 5x7 canvas! I'm proud of myself as I've thought it more difficult to paint so small, but I just got out my smaller brushes and painted away. This is just another of many chairs I've done and will continue to do. Tell me what you think. All comments and critiques welcome!

acrylic on canvas, 5x7, $100, $10 s/h SOLD


vanessa said...

Hi Claire! I love your style of painting and how you focus in on the beauty of something simple that others might overlook. Do you use oil or acrylic? My other favorite (besides photography) in college was acrylics because it dries so fast. Blessings!
(from OSP MSP this spring.)

ckayser said...

Thanks, Vanessa! Yes, I switch back and forth from oil to acrylic all the time. Sometimes, I want the paint to dry fast, sometimes it doesn't matter... Fun either medium!

Be well!
Thanks for your comment!