Friday, April 10, 2009

Gentle Jesus

I watched a great documentary this morning called "Who Was Jesus?" Very interesting to hear what he was like as he walked this earth. Also, scientists and forensic specialists have been able to come up with a skeletal structure that would have to resemble that of Jesus's taking into account the bone structure of the people at that time. Specifically, he supposedly had a fairly narrow jaw with an upside down triangular shape to his face. The man who was Jesus in the documentary was supposedly a very close match to what Jesus looked like. He was a very handsome man. I painted him today! I shot a still of the tv paused on him while he was explaining the beattitudes to the gathered crowd. I loved the gentleness conveyed in his expression and wanted to portray that. Even though it's Good Friday, and we remember Jesus in a more dramatic way today, I decided to paint today this one!

Happy Good Friday and Easter!

8x10, oil on board, $225, $12 s/h
(please allow 2 weeks so paint can dry.)

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Carole Foret said...

Fantastic, Sis--I wish I could have seen that documentary...