Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dixieland Band!

During our C&C Painting Weekend in Athens, AL there was a great Dixieland band playing down at Village Pizza that we went to hear and dance to. They were just off the streets of New Orleans and had come to town to also play at a wedding the following day. Village Pizza was packed! They were loads of fun!. I shot the photo for this painting with my iphone and got some hazy pictures, but I loved they way the pictures come out for a painting. I painted this on Saturday morning. I'm keeping this one... If you'd like me to paint one similar, I will. Just contact me at 651.983.2743 or email at!


Vicki Shuck said...

what an excellent painting, Clair! Great composition, lots of energy, love the looseness--just love the painting!

Lorider Raj said...

I LOVE this painting - I can hear the music. I want to be South right now!

Lorider Raj said...

I just realized you probably have no idea who LR Raj is - It's L. Mayo reporting for blog duty.